Do you have dificulty communicating on the telephone? If so, you may be eligible for financial assistance for an Amplified Telephone device that will enable you to access the telephone network.

As a service to its residents, the state of Texas provides a voucher for a FREE AMPLIFIED TELEPHONE to residents that have a hearing loss.

Amplified Telephone: Registered Vendor

We are a registered vendor for the Texas STAP program.

The process is simple:

  1. Schedule your appointment today for your free hearing test.
  2. Fill at your application at our office.  We will even mail it for you!
  3. When you receive your packet in the mail, bring it in and we will exchange your voucher for a phone.

Amplified Telephone Specification

The information below is a specification AST is developing which is focused on serving the needs of hearing impaired people to obtain amplified telephone devices which meet the acoustic needs based on  the parameters of hearing impairment. It is intended that this specification may be used by anyone  needing to reference a performance specification for amplified telephone acoustics performance including  buyers, suppliers, etc.

The basis of the specification is to standardize three categories of hearing loss, Mild, Moderate, and  Severe and the associated acoustic amplitude (gain) and tone control (frequency response) necessary to  meet the needs based on this categorization. Three primary parameters are specified:

  1. Gain (based on conversational gain)
  2. High Frequency Emphasis (quantification of frequency response needs)
  3. Ringer acoustic amplitude (dBSPL per TIA.470.220-C measurement methods)

AST anticipates making a motion at the TIA TR-41.3 meeting in Feb-2011 to open a new project to develop a standard for the performance of amplified telephones. The goal is to develop a standard for  analog and digital interface telephones including handset, headset, and speakerphone devices. The  attached specification is offered as a contribution from AST to potentially be used as the basis for the  development of the new standard.

For more information about AST and their test please click here.