If you believe you are experiencing hearing loss, a self evaluation is a good place to gain some insight into the condition. Self evaluation is by no means a conclusive testing method. By answering this yes or no self evaluation questionnaire, individuals can get a better idea if they are dealing with some degree of hearing loss.

Self Evaluation: Hearing Questions

Self Evaluation
  1. Have you encountered any significant noise exposure at work, in military service or recreation?
  2. Do you experience ringing in your ears or other sounds like buzzing, hissing, or humming?
  3. Do you ask others to repeat themselves often?
  4. Is it easier to hear in one ear over the other?
  5. Have you notice that you can “hear” but cannot always “understand” what people are saying?
  6. Are conversations on the telephone difficult?
  7. Do you confuse rhyming words such as “time” and “dime” or “take” and “bake”?
  8. Do friends or family complain that you turn the television volume up too high?
  9. Do you have trouble hearing at the movies, house of worship, or other public gathering places such as in a shopping malls or restaurants?
  10. Does your family express frustration about your hearing and ask you to seek help?

Self Evaluation: Answers

Many individuals will answer yes to one of the self evaluation questions, but answering yes to two or more can indicate a larger problem. If you can answer yes to multiple questions, it’s time for a more comprehensive hearing loss analysis. Keep track of your hearing activities for the next week, by writing down your experiences. Record the number of times you experience issues in conversation, and how often you ask people to repeat themselves. This hearing journal will give you further information about the degree of problems you are experiencing.