One of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, Phonak is a Swiss company known for cutting-edge technology and style. Phonak is owned by Sonova Holding AG who also owns Unitron Hearing.

Phonak Hearing Aid Manufacture

Phonak, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, has developed, produced and distributed technologically leading hearing and radio systems for more than 50 years. In doing so, Phonak combines profound knowledge in hearing technology and acoustics with an intense cooperation with hearing care experts. The goal is to improve the hearing ability and the language recognition of people with hearing loss, thus adding to their quality of life.
The most important element of a high quality of life is speech recognition. Understanding people clearly – even in difficult hearing situations with a lot of noise – continues to be our greatest challenge. Many of our customers want an optimized solution specifically for these situations. A solution that will reconnect them with people close to them.

Phonak-Hearing-Aid-ManufacturePhonak is considered to be a global leader in the development of hearing solutions – especially in the development of solutions for children and in radio technology. In many research projects in cooperation with leading international universities, they work on innovations in the fields of hearing research, signal processing and communication technology, as well as acoustics or materials. With continuous efforts to find new solutions, they manage to achieve one of the highest innovation rates of the industry.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a hearing aid manufacturer that makes the full range of hearing aid styles. Their product line begins with an affordable basic model that has key features such as feedback blocking and the ability to block background noise. At the top of the line is a model with advanced features such as the ability to manage sound distortion, and the ability to reduce wind noise. Phonak also has a complete line of hearing aids for children and teenagers, with child-friendly designs.

Phonak also sells an “invisible” in-the-canal hearing aid, Lyric, for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, with a soft exterior that can be worn for extended periods of time without having to take it out. It does not need to be taken out to shower (but must be taken out to swim) or sleep. The hearing aid can stay hidden in the canal for as long as 120 days per fitting. A removal tool is given to users to take it out if needed. It needs to be replaced about six times a year. It is sold on a subscription basis, with customers paying for a full year’s worth of hearing aids at a time.

SoundRecover, a new algorithm developed by Phonak, is considered to be one of the most important and successful hearing aid functions in this area.  Phonak offers a full product range of digital hearing and additional radio solutions. With locations all over the world, Phonak is a driving innovative force, setting new performance and miniaturization standards.