For over 50 years, Rexton has listened to the unique needs of hearing health professionals and people with hearing loss around the world. Rexton, which operates under the Siemans umbrella, develops a full line of solutions for all types of hearing loss and lifestyle needs with value, innovation, quality, and usability in mind. They strive to put our customers first at every opportunity and to make better hearing more accessible to all people.

Rexton Hearing Products

Rexton Hearing AidsRexton has worked alongside hearing health professionals to develop a portfolio of hearing aids that are both advanced and accessible. Our hearing aids include sophisticated features designed solely to improve your hearing and quality of life. When combined with our high-tech accessories such as the Blu RCU and charging units, Rexton hearing aids offer the utmost in convenience and flexibility. Rexton provides an extensive hearing aid product line highlighted by the Pico and the Stream+.

Rexton Pico Hearing Aids

Insite+ Pico and Bridge 8+ Pico provide a high-performance, reliable solution for those requiring the utmost is secrecy. Fitting deeper into the second bend of the ear canal than a traditional CIC, Pico is not only invisible but also offers a comfortable fit.

With a faceplate that’s just over 11mm tall, we’re serious when we say Pico is our smallest and most discreet hearing aid ever. From the dark brown faceplate to the deep, secure fit, Pico scores a perfect 10 when it comes to keeping a secret. Nobody will be able to see it, and you will love the way it sounds.

Rexton Stream+ Hearing Aids

Stream+ is an open-fit custom hearing aid from Rexton – takes advantage of the natural shape of the ear, providing a more natural, non-occluding, sound experience than a traditional custom hearing aid. Nestled in the helix of the outer ear, Stream+ uses open fit technology to send sound into the inner ear.

Location is everything when it comes to microphone placement. Stream+’s microphone is placed in the upper helix of the hearing aid, using the natural directivity of the ear to produce a more natural sound. With it’s open, ergonomic fit and our attention to details, you can be sure you’re getting the utmost in comfort. Stream+ will have you connected to all your favorite devices in no time. From MP3 players to televisions and mobile phones, Rexton Stream+ keeps you in touch and plugged in.