Founded in 1967, Starkey has been advancing the hearing aid industry ever since. Originally founded in St Louis Park, Minnesota; Starkey has grown to have subisdiaries around the globe. Starkey Hearing Technologies is much more than the hearing aids they produce. Starkey is an experience. One that doesn’t merely promise more, but delivers more: more communication, more participation, and more opportunities to do what you love.

Starting from day one, Starkey has operated under the single-minded purpose that “Hearing is our concern.” Since day two, they’ve been committed to constantly improving the technology of hearing — and creating the best hearing aids possible.

Starkey Hearing Aid Innovations

Starkey Hearing Aid Technology From pioneering R&D work and history of innovation to their patient-proven approach and American-made craftsmanship, Starkey has brought this purpose to life; building partnerships with the millions of people who wear our hearing aids, continually expanding our philanthropic efforts via the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and working every day to help people with hearing loss experience more.

It was Starkey that first made hearing aids virtually feedback-free: so they don’t whistle when you hug someone, buzz when you touch your hair, or shriek when you put on a hat. It was Starkey that created the industry’s first in-canal hearing aid and the first custom, digital and fully programmable invisible hearing aid, bringing the world smaller, more discreet hearing solutions.

It was Starkey that first utilized nanotechnology in hearing aids, brought touch technology to hearing aids, made hearing aids waterproof, and began tackling the biggest challenge wearers have historically faced — hearing in noise. And it is Starkey that never stops working on the next breakthrough, whether it’s wireless hearing aids that let people listen to TV and radio like never before, or bringing the hearing impaired the industry’s widest range of invisible hearing aid options.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey produces a wide range of digital and analogue hearing instruments. These include the Wi Series, Ignite, Tour and other digital instruments that contain Precision Audio Imaging and Precision Directional Imaging technologies.

Starkey, a longtime hearing aid manufacturer, makes the entire range of hearing aid styles, and offers a wide choice of colors and designs. Typical features include noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and automatic telephone listening. Newer aids in their lineup include an invisible in the canal hearing aid. Their pediatric line features characters from Nickelodeon.