At Unitron, hearing matters. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the sounds of life. That’s why all efforts are directed to pioneering innovation. They focus on helping people hear and understand others—from a child’s question to a friend’s hello—under the most challenging conditions.

For close to a half a century, Unitron has designed and manufactured hearing instruments to meet people’s needs. They are backed by the resources of the Sonova Group, the leading global provider of hearing healthcare solutions, developing proprietary technologies on the world’s most sophisticated platform.

Unitron Hearing Innovations

Unitron doesn’t innovate just to stay ahead of the competition. They innovate to make life better for people with hearing loss. They are pioneers responsible for patented innovations that set new industry standards. With more than 100 dedicated audiologists and R&D professionals, they work to continuously to improve their unique product portfolio.

They have a history of being first – introducing in-demand feature sets and game-changing technologies and systems, including:

  • SmartFocus™: the first significant, clinically proven speech-in-noise advancement since directional microphones
  • Moxi™: the new open-fit 312 CRT (canal receiver technology) has it all – full functionality plus wireless features
  • Tandem™: the first CROS/BiCROS hearing instrument to offer the superior performance of an automatic program
  • AntiShock™: the first technology capable of identifying and instantaneously controlling sudden impulse noises, without distorting speech or environmental sounds
  • Smart Alert™ System: the first fully integrated hearing and household alerting system
  • uHear™: the first self-administered hearing screening test for the iPhone™, iPod touch® and iPad® to offer added screening sophistication. uHear was downloaded 500,000 times in its first year alone
Unitron Hearing Solutions

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron  makes ultra-small BTEs, traditional BTEs, and In the Ear ITEs.  The In the Ear models range from full shell to completely in the canal.  Hearing aid features include wireless capability, automatic programs, adaptive directional microphones, and manual programming.

Each style offers different advantages, depending on the design, size and technology.  At Unitron, they develop advanced technologies to deliver practical benefits in every hearing instrument in every product category. Their extensive product selection offers an unprecedented range of styles at all price points.