AQ Hearing offers a complete array of hearing services to patients of the clinic. These services are designed to provide clients with a “One Stop” location for any need they might have in their journey to improved hearing.  Services encompass the spectrum of testing for hearing loss, treating hearing loss and repair and service of hearing instruments.

Testing Services

Services - Hearing Aids When an individual begins experiencing trouble distinguishing words and understanding conversations, the first necessary service is a hearing consultation. This free consultation will provide a pass or fail result and offer baseline measurements to conclude if the individual requires additional testing.

If the patient does not pass the initial hearing consultation, they will be encouraged to schedule a complete hearing evaluation. This service includes in-depth testing and analysis to understand the exact levels of hearing loss. Hearing evaluation services will provide a comprehensive assessment of hearing needs and the type of hearing treatment that will best suit the individual.

Treatment Services

A hearing aid evaluation will utilize the results of the complete hearing evaluation to determine which hearing instrument is most suited to meet the patient’s requirements. Many factors are examined such as hearing needs, lifestyle and the patient’s budget. This service offers the patient a chance to sample and demo the various hearing instruments.

Hearing aid analysis service provides electroacoustic testing to determine if the hearing aid meets US FDA standards and specifications. This analysis is an effective tool to measure any deficiencies in the hearing instrument’s ability to amplify sound. Real Ear Measurement and Live Speech Mapping are both excellent sources of information for the hearing specialist. These services ensure that the patient and hearing device are functioning optimally together.

Repair Services

AQ Hearing offers on-site service and repair of hearing aids. Hearing instruments are subject to physical damage, and exposure to elements that can impede and reduce performance. When you notice that your device is not functioning at its highest level, it is most likely in need of servicing. While some instruments require a trip back to the factory, the majority of services can usually be completed in our lab the same day they arrive.

AQ Hearing strives to provide the best possible experience for our clients. This means offering our clients a multitude of services. If you are experiencing a hearing problem, don’t hesitate to give AQ Hearing a call to schedule the services you need today.