Live Speech Mapping is the latest innovative approach to hearing aid fitting which uses natural speech to assess a hearing loss. It is also used to show how effective digital hearing aids are in helping you to hear speech with more clarity. AQ Hearing’s fully qualified hearing aid audiologists use Live Speech Mapping as part of the Full Hearing Assessment. It’s always recommended that you are accompanied during the Hearing Assessment, as with Live Speech Mapping a family member will be asked to participate by providing a familiar voice from which we create the Live Speech Map.

Live Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping Live Speech Mapping represents an innovative method to fitting hearing aids that help Audiologists to “get it right the first time”. Live Speech Mapping employs voices of either the clinician or possibly a patient’s family member to conduct real ear measurements. Live Speech Mapping utilizes real speech in the patient’s preferred listing range. This includes natural vibrations that are continuously fluctuating in amplitude and spectral characteristics.

The Live Speech Map is shown through an easily understood graphic, that empowers the patient with the clear ability to view hearing loss and the hearing aid benefits associated to actual speech.  Audiologists utilizing Live Speech Mapping report greater certainty in the hearing treatment process because of the exceptional guidance features of the technique. They also report a decline in follow up |appointments required, and reduced costs for the patient. The time saved during fitting the hearing device allows the clinician to commit more time to patient counseling, and aural rehabilitation.

Live Speech Mapping Benefits

AQ Hearing is confident that using Live Speech Mapping demonstrations enables current hearing aid wearers to gain a better insight into exactly how their hearing aids are performing. AQ Hearing’s experienced team are on hand to provide expert advice and help adjust digital hearing aids to suit the wearer’s requirements as revealed in the Live Speech Map.


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