Hearing aids are hybrids of mechanical and electronic devices. They are subject to moisture, dust, dirt, earwax, debris, and physical abuse and handling. At some point in time, will require service and possibly, major or minor repairs. All hearing aids, standardized or custom-made, can be repaired. Whether you need to fix the microphone, receiver, a broken wire, or a bad transistor, many times it can be fixed.

If you currently wear hearing aids and find their performance is less than optimum, it may be an appropriate decision for you to take your current hearing aid for service and repairs.

Service and Repairs of Hearing Aids

Service and Repairs for Hearing Aids The most common reason for a hearing aid to require repair is the buildup of ear wax or debris within the hearing aid. Ear wax is natural and some people produce more than others. Custom hearing aids that sit inside the ear canal are subjected to wax each and every day the hearing aid is worn. With proper care and cleaning you can prevent damage from ear wax.

Your hearing professional will instruct you on how to properly clean your hearing aids. If you are concerned wax has entered the hearing aids, visit yoru hearing professional for a professional hearing aid cleaning. Their specialized tools are able to remove wax much more effciently than at home tools.

Other causes of hearing aid service and repairs include: exposure to water, physical damage from being dropped or stepped on, exposure to high levels of humidity or prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (i.e. left in your car during summer or winter). Hearing aids may also simply need repair after a few years of use. Keep in mind they are small devices that house miniature electronic parts. Over time dust and debris may enter the hearing aid through the microphones or sound openings, which can eventually cause damage to internal parts.

Hearing Aid Service and Repairs at AQ Hearing

We offer an on site service and repairs lab where we can service Most Major Brands of Hearing Aids, typically the same day. Occassionally, aids do need to be sent to the factory for severe repairs. They are sent out by overnight service and returned as quickly as possible. Our goal is to quickly return our patients to satisfactory hearing with as little disruption as possible.