Cochlear Implant Surgery can be a life changing procedure, but it comes with a large financial price tag. So when the Rubin family of Monroe, GA discovered insurance would not cover the procedure for their 5 year old son Carson, they came up with a plan to solve the problem.

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Cochlear Implant Surgery

As reported by ABC News’ Josh Haskell:

“They’ve launched a Facebook page called Carson’s story, displaying pictures of their son and explaining what a difference the surgery would mean to him.

The Rubin’s say their son, who is 5, is very bright and can grasp concepts well, but his trouble hearing has put him behind other students his age.

Brian Rubin’s wife Shay had to give up her job as a second grade teacher to take care of their son.

John Weigand, the chief audiologist at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, says auditory neuropathy is an interruption of the way the auditory nerve functions.

“If you think of it as a wire, the wire is not transmitting the signal in a typical way,” said Weigand.

According to Weigand, the cochlear implant surgery would bypass the hearing system that isn’t working and stimulate it electrically rather than acoustically.

“Most hearing parents want their child to hear and be as much like them as possible. Cochlear implant surgery can achieve that,” said Weigand.

The surgery forces people to learn how to read and write over again and since school is around the corner, time is of the essence.”

Cochlear Implant Surgery: Failure in Responsibility

It is truly sad to think about what Insurance companies in our country are allowed to do. This seems to be just another one of countless examples where these huge Insurance corporations claim exclusion when those that depend on their policies are most in need.

Hopefully, the Rubin Family is able to find ways to fund the cochlear implant surgery and provide the important, life changing procedure for their son.

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