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These treatments include counseling to help in coping with the effects of tinnitus, sound therapy using subtle background noises to lessen the effects and hearing aids, in some cases, have been able to help provide relief though amplification of other sounds.

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Hearing Instrument Sciences

Email: george@aqhearing.com
Phone: 214-660-9888

George came to the field of hearing health due to his service in Vietnam where he served as a helicopter crew chief. During one particular event of this “conflict”, both of his eardrums were blown out by a nearby explosion resulting in three days of complete loss of hearing. Eventually, he regained partial hearing, but remains a member of the hearing impaired community.
After returning from his experiences in Vietnam, George obtained 15 years of experience as a Digital Engineer. It was this experience that led him to become involved in design work in the hearing aid industry.

George has completed the State Board Licensed Hearing Specialist certification along with a wide array of additional training throughout his career. He has over 25 years experience in the fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments with 10 years at Miracle Ear. Throughout his career, George’s number one priority has always been patient care followed by patient satisfaction. George goes above and beyond to provide the patient with a product that meets their individual hearing needs.

Throughout each year, George continues to study, train and remain current with the changes in technology through continuing education. He has had first hand training in Resound hearing instruments, as well as Phonak, Starkey, Rexton, Unitron and other top of the line hearing instruments in order to fit his patients with the highest quality instrument.

Chief Executive Officer

Email: katie@aqhearing.com
Phone: 214-660-9888

Katie currently oversees the day to day operations of both the Dallas and North Richland Hills locations as our Chief Executive Officer. She has 10 years experience in operations management and customer service. She has a strong technical background and loves working with the latest and greatest in hearing instrument technology.

With her keen eye and sharp attention for detail, she makes sure that our customers have a great experience. Katie really enjoys helping people, especially seniors. She enjoys listening to their history and gleaning as much wisdom from them as she can. In her spare time, she is an advocate and resource for those with disabilities.

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